A living room is a very versatile room. We relax, we entertain guests, we rest after a long day of work, we watch TV and so many other things we do in our living rooms. It is no wonder the first room we think of when designing and decorating. Having spent a lot of time in our living rooms, we tend to get used to the surrounding and desire something different. That is where these decorating ideas come in handy without digging deep in our pockets.


    1. Declutter

One of the biggest challenges we have in our homes is clutter. We always want to have the cake and eat it in this case. You want a tidy home and you also want to keep everything including what you don’t need.  Don’t worry you are not alone; there are thousands of people with the same challenge. My first rule of a chic and lovely home is cleanliness and tidiness. So decluttering frequently is very important. The best way to conquer clutter is to start with one room at a time. I prefer beginning with the living room and working all the way to the other rooms. Simple rule to decluttering  is to clean first then organize. Assess you space, clutter and the boxes/bags you need before you begin.  Make sure you finish each task completely before moving to the next task and finally do this regularly.


  1. Rearrange your home

Before you go to a store take a look at your home. You’ll be surprised to see you have quite some goodies that you are not taking advantage of. Begin with what you can move easily. Take a look at your vases, lampshades, candle holders  and sculptures. Borrow some of the decor items from other rooms. Organize these accessories in a different way and bam! Your home looks different already. You want to go all out? Move that furniture around and you will thank me later.

Window treatment

3. Introduce sheer curtains

Natural light makes all the difference. Make sure you have enough light getting in your home. Most people do not open their curtains giving privacy as one of the main reasons. Well sheer curtains are here to give you privacy and light at the same time. Take some time to select your curtains and ensure they come with sheers. Trust me the natural lighting and a breath of fresh air is all your living room needs to complete the chic loo


  1. Have a statement wall

This is the wall that has a signature item on it. This wall is the first thing you notice when you enter your home. Give it life. Let it ooze with glamour. Mirrors never disappoint, they always add some light the room. Get a grandeur mirror and mount it on the wall. You also can just get artsy and DIY pieces of wall art you like, mount them on the wall and you have yourself a wow factor in your living room.


  1. Go green

Eye candy and budget friendly, what’s not to love about plants? Get some indoor plants to fit the corners or the bare spaces in your living room. They are outdoorsy and are as lovely and refreshing as they come. So if you want to have a close feel of nature get some of these beauties. They come with a lovely request, give them love, take of them.  We also have some artificial plants that are just as attractive and pocket friendly, their request is easy-breezy; dust them regularly.

kaboompics_Scandinavian decorative pillows on modern sofa-1

6. Spice up your pillows

First of all, pillows are bae. A couch might just be plain but the moment you put some pillows, voila you have yourself a chic couch. One of the cheapest ways to refresh your living room is to have pillows on your couch. Bring in some pop of color and patterns and your couch will never be the same.  These babies are so fab!

Hugs and Kisses,


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