Let’s face it, we have all had an overwhelming moment in our kitchen. Perhaps it was the dirty dishes staring at you or the many appliances on your counter or even the overcrowded cabinets that can no longer host your new cookware. The fact is the kitchen is the busiest room in our home. One lazy move and piling of things is all it takes to create a mess. I discovered that the kitchen can be the most organized room at home (yes, it’s possible) however there are certain things that you need to do to achieve this. Having a minimalist approach in the kitchen is one way. My first rule is if you don’t use it every day then you don’t have to see it every day. My second rule is the small things matter. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so start with the small things. Clear your kitchen and you will see and feel the difference.

  1. Get rid of the junk drawer

There is always that one drawer or cabinet that is used to keep everything you don’t use. I’m talking about old dinner timetables, recipes that you’ve not used for a while, spoons and folks from fast food joints, appliances boxes, broken magnets, I could go on and on. This is actually precious space you can use in your kitchen so first thing is first, remove everything from the junk drawer and sort them into what you actually need and use. Please get rid of what is broken or what is no longer needed. This will go a long way in space creation and organization.

kaboompics_Seafood Pizza

  1. Take out menus

I get it when it comes to the take out menus. They come in handy sometimes but they can also be inconvenient. Having 10+ take out menus can start giving your kitchen an untidy office look; we don’t want too much documentation at our cooking spot. What is interesting is that you always know what you love from every take out menu so more often than not you don’t use the menu. Your favorite pizza always wins over the rest of the pizzas in the menu.  Let go, keep the ones you really, really need.

kaboompics_Macbook Laptop in a Kitchen

  1. Serviettes/ Napkins

These are serviettes that we get from eating joints. Please get rid of them immediately you get home. If you did not use them when you got them then it’s best to do away with them.  It is unbelievable how serviettes can make us hoarders. They all seem to have a purpose but really they don’t. You already have your usual serviettes trust me you don’t need more.


  1. Expired spices

For the love of spices, please get rid of the expired ones. You don’t want to have a cabinet with an assortment of spices only to use only one or two every day. There are chances you bought a spice you did not like, give it to a friend who you think might like it. As for the expired spices, replace them.

kaboompics_Kitchen utensils and cans by the wall

  1. Containers

Storage containers are almost a necessity in the kitchen. We have these containers in different types, sizes and colors and for different purposes. On some occasions we lose the lid to the containers and sometimes the containers break. Remember, if you stop using it then let it go.

kaboompics_Black kitchen sink

  1. Old sponges

Most of us are guilty as charged! We find ourselves using cleaning sponges longer than we should. We can see very well that the spongy part is almost over but we duly use the sponge. When we finally remember to purchase a new sponge we keep the old one for just in case or I might need an old sponge later case. There is no need of having all these old sponges. I finally made peace with this and I no longer keep old sponges. Try it.


  1. Give away appliances

You don’t need two or three types of the same appliances. If you upgrade your toaster be sure to give the other one out.  This also goes for water kettles, kitchen blenders, coffee makers, basically all your appliances in twos, threes and even fours.  Share them.  Sharing is caring. You will actually discover space for your kitchen decor.

Hugs and kisses,


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