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Moving in your first house is phenomenal. Whether you’ve just gotten a new job or you’ve been saving up for months to move, you are beyond thrilled when this goal is achieved. You can’t help but think of how great your house will be. The decor, the privacy, the freedom, the sleep overs, the dinners, the late night games, alright I’m clearly getting carried away by my apartment experiences. You get it though; it’s so cool to be able to call a house your home. Owning a home comes with responsibilities and bills and more often than not we realize our bills are higher than we anticipated. You pay your rent, your rent deposit and your utility deposits and suddenly your savings or income is not as much as you thought. What do you do? You boss up and move in! Here’s a little guide on bossing up on a budget.


  1. Moving budget

A moving budget is the first thing you need when you are planning to move.  List down everything you need to make a house a home then make a budget for this list.  A budget will always help you plan, it’s a guide on what you need now vs what you need later. Check off what you need immediately and put timelines to the items you plan to purchase in future. The budget will work as a reference to everything you intend to get. It’s also a discipline tool to guide you on your priorities.

bedroom photo

  1. Mattress

Now that you have a budget, the next thing is to purchase the basics. The good news is you don’t need a bed. The better news is you can purchase a mattress and bedding sets and your bedroom is ready for you, the best news is the mattress is affordable. Yes! Get a mattress and bedding sets, sleep, wake up, work hard and a bed will be in your bedroom within a short period of time.

bedroom accesories

  1. Bedroom accessories

These are must haves. An iron, hangers, hanging cloth rack (if the apartment doesn’t have a closet) and a laundry basket is all you need. I forgot to buy an iron the first time I moved in my apartment. I woke up and realized I didn’t buy an iron. My morning was chaotic, my day was awkward. I represented the rainbow with my colorful outfit (that’s the only way I managed to camouflage the creases on my clothes).  Don’t let that happen to you. Get these goodies right away.

Bathroom accesories

  1. Bathroom accessories

These are the most forgotten. I don’t know what’s worse, realizing you don’t have toothpaste or realizing you don’t have toilet paper when you’re doing your thing in the bathroom. You don’t want to know. Make sure you have all your hygiene items before you move in. Get a mirror, soap, toilet paper, toothbrush and toothpaste and everything you need in your bathroom to turn up to work and turn it up.

kitchen photo

  1. Cooker & cookware

You need to eat even on the tightest budget. Buy a cooker, set of cookware and some cutlery. Cooking is actually more affordable than daily take outs so get your chef hat on and start cooking when you move in. You’ll save quite a bit.

Throw pillows

  1. Throw pillows/Bean bags

You can get a couch the next day, next week, next month or even months to come. Before you get a couch, throw pillows and or bean bags are your best friends. You probably have a lounge area or a defined living room either way this is the room to relax, catch up with friends and so on. Get throw pillows or bean bags and you are ready to host your first set of friends. You create fun, couches don’t and exquisite living rooms don’t, you do! Don’t be shy to have people over to your new apartment. You will fill up that home, slowly but surely.

Hugs and Kisses,



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