Is it just me or do luxury hotel rooms give you fresh and crisp vibes? The lighting, the mood, the bedding, don’t get me started on the decor nothing short of luxury and comfort. Now back to our bedrooms, the basic rule is comfort. We should all have a comfortable bedroom. For most people that’s enough until you visit a hotel and you go back home and you can’t shake off the feeling that your bedroom needs an upgrade, you need more. Let’s address this more feeling. You can get an elegant bedroom and a hotel experience in your own home and the good news is it is less expensive than you think. Here are ways to upgrade.

  1. Keep it clean

It may seem obvious but it isn’t. Declutter is the magic word. Remove everything you don’t need. Organize everything you need. Have your organization and storage spot on. Ensure your bed has clean bedding and you’ll be half way there on achieving a luxe look and feel.


  1. Neutral colors

White bedding, white towels, white robes, white slippers, it’s all white, all day, every day for most luxury hotels. While white admittedly portrays luxury, there are neutral colors that are just as rich for instance beige, taupe, shades of gray and brown. Pick out your favourite neutral color and give your bedroom a theme.


  1. Pillows and Throws

Style that bed, you own it.  Get pillows and throws. Get rid of the old discolored pillows, out with the old and in with the new. Pillows and accent throws will give you a plush bedroom.


  1. Lampshades/Chandeliers

You can never go wrong with lampshades and chandeliers. They are sisters from another mother. Either of them will blow your mind when you get them for your bedroom. One word for these beauties, bad ass! They will transform your bedroom in a matter of minutes. They are as beautiful and functional as they come. Get what you really like and let your room ooze with glamour.


  1. Bedside delights

When chic weds comfort you get night stands. Night stands are your partners in decor.   Place unique sculptures or vases on the night stands beside your bed. You can get any item you like, get a gold or silver spray paint, spray your sculptures and you have yourself a new metallic look. It’s a game changer.

Hugs & Kisses,



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