Many bathrooms are as plain as they come. Most homeowners don’t give much thought to it. Why should they anyway? We spend an hour or less in the bathroom everyday, so it makes sense for the homeowner to let plain be plain. Here is the thing though, when you as the renter want every room to have a character, then the bathroom starts being an issue. The bigger issue is the tenancy agreement you signed accepting the terms which included ‘no alterations of the house.’ Don’t worry; you can give your bathroom a personal touch without breaking the rules. After all, it’s rented, it’s temporary so temporary solutions will work just fine.


  1. Shower curtains

You know that missing letter in a puzzle? That’s curtains in the shower for you. You’ve been wondering how to spice up the bathroom? Shower curtains! They are so lovely.  They give a bathroom a new mood. Play with patterns, prints and colors, you won’t regret it. They are also excellent in hiding ugly tiles. Trust me shower curtains are your friends.


  1. Add a chic rug

Rugs are qualified magicians. They come in, do the trick and you’re left wondering how that even happened or why you didn’t know about it sooner. They make such a a big difference. I love popping colors and rugs are excellent in that. It doesn’t matter which color you select though, neutrals, white, bold colors any rug is a great rug.


  1. Plants

Plants are favorites.  They are notorious in refreshing the room. They are equally notorious in appealing the room. You get beautiful and fresh in the same room. Take this chance and maintain the plants. They’ll do wonders. You can get artificial plants as well; they are good to look at, eye candy vibes for sure.

Wall art

  1. Wall art

Any wall art you like can be fitted in the bathroom. Mirrors, photo frames, wall baskets, print arts, basically anything goes. Wall art will always upgrade your bathroom. Print images or even words you like, buy a beautiful photo frame for the print and proceed to mount it in the bathroom. Just do it. Results speak for themselves.

Glitz & Glam

  1. Add glitz and glam

Say goodbye to your boring bathroom. Bathroom delights are here to sweep you off your feet. Put a vase with flowers or a vase with faux pearls in the bathroom. Get scented candles, a unique metallic sculpture, get a white tray and place all these goodies in the tray. Another way is to just put 2 or 3 old wine bottles in the bathroom. Put some decor sticks in the bottles and place them on the bathroom window. Simple as that.


  1. Lovely storage

Be stylish about storage in the bathroom. Sometimes we get bathrooms without cabinets so storage becomes rocket science. How do we do it? Where do we place our towels/tissue papers? What do we use? Introducing a basket in the bathroom is a brilliant idea. It’s functional and it’s also elegant.

Hugs & Kisses,


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