You know about this plain wall, right? It’s the wall that you subconsciously stare at and probably think that you need to add something. It’s the same wall you think of when you are flipping glossy pages of the magazines and you spot a lovely living room. It’s still the same wall you think of when you are buying a house warming gift for your friend and think of grabbing something for that wall but most probably you never have. So many ideas about the wall but none seems to be a match. I know that feeling, been there, done that and you know what else?  I changed that. It’s like I came, I saw, I conquered kind of thing.  So how do you conquer your plain, boring wall? Here are my favorite wall decor ideas.

Wall accessory

  1. Large wall clocks

I love large clocks. First thing is they come in different style, from mid-century design to contemporary design to rustic design basically all designs. It’s a matter of there being something for everybody. These clocks will leave an impression alright. If you like statement and signature pieces, a large clock is perfect for your wall.

Photo frames

  1. Photo frames

There is just something about personalizing your home and one of the best ways to do it is to have your style in every room. You like beachy images? Nature images? Funny quotes? Then introduce photo frames to the blank wall, they’ll make a gorgeous wall. Print the images you’ve been saving from the internet or anything you like, buy different sizes of photo frames, frame the images and mount them on the wall. You will be impressed.

Wall art

  1. Wall art

Artwork comes in so many images. I highly recommend you pick a wall art of your personality. Something you love and at the same time intrigues you, something that you will still want to keep years from now. If you like it, take it home with you.

Wall art 13.2.18

  1. Mirrors

I can’t say enough about mirrors. They brighten your wall, they brighten your room, they’re functional, they draw attention immediately and you get to look at yourself every time you’re around the mirror. There are so many reasons why you should have a mirror on you wall. Get a mirror. Your home will be the fairest of them all.


  1. Book shelf

You have this blank wall staring at you every day and you also have these boxes of books and magazines that you are wondering where to store. Look no further, your books just found a home and your wall just found a companion. A book shelf will do the trick. It will cover the plain wall and will also store your books and printed materials.

Metallic plates

  1. Metallic plates

Metallic plates give this elegant and mesmerizing look to your wall. They are quite some art. They command attention. To get this look all you need is different sizes of metallic plates and mount them on your wall. If you choose to have these plates on your wall, get ready for a great deal of compliments from literally everybody who walks in your home.


  1. Paint/ Wallpaper

Sometimes all that wall needs is a little pop of color to give it life. What better way of pimping your wall than giving it some life. Painting a wall drastically changes how the entire room appears. I’m a big fan of painting walls, that one color changes the game. It is also quite permanent compared to a wall paper so if you’re looking to change your living room schemes every once in a while then a wall paper will work very well for you. The only issue about wallpapers is that they have so many colors, prints and patterns making it very difficult to lack something of your taste, such a good problem to have.

Hugs & Kisses,


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