I’m all about fresh vibes so out with the old and in with the new is my thing and most part of design and decor agrees with this tune. If something becomes old and wears out then it’s replaced or just gotten rid of. I have realized though that there are items that age like wine. The older they are, the prettier they are, the more use they have and the more we want them.  What’s really interesting is that we have these items in our homes for a long time until we decide to get rid of them because they appear as clutter. Do not throw these 4 items, kindly.


  1. Old jugs

Whether it’s a juice jug, milk jug or a water jug, jugs are bae or at least they are for a period of time until we get a better looking jug and the old one is taken right into the cabinets which is an assurance it will never see the light of day. It served you well now serve it well by making it a decor item in your home. You can place some artificial flowers in the jug and it will appear brand new. Show your jugs in style.


  1. Vases

I am a vase lover (if there is such English) and I collect a lot of them. I am always replacing vases rather I was, I am a changed woman. I have found purpose for all my vases and you could too, in fact you will. There is room for the new and the old vases. What’s perfect about them is the ability to improve any room in your home.  You can use any vase for any room in your home. The bathroom for example is a neglected room in terms of decor so a vase will change that. Place sun flowers/ tulips any type of flowers that work for you in the vase (artificial flowers don’t require a lot of attention). Place the vase on a shelf or along the window.


  1. Bottles

We’ve all had unused bottles in our home. Most of these are perfume bottles, wine bottles, whisky bottles and water bottles. These bottles are basically rendered useless once you’re done with them.  Be different today, give them use in your home. I’ve always loved spray painting; it changes the whole dynamic of the item. Spraying the bottles will make you want to keep the bottles so go ahead and upgrade your bottles.

milk can

  1. Milk cans

Milk cans are very common in farm homes. These cans are mainly used for storing and transporting milk. It goes without saying that when a milk can is no longer in good shape or maybe even leaking then it’s thrown away. Old is gold in this case. Milk cans can be used as oversized vases or even plant stands. You don’t have to live in a farm home to own this vintage look, get your milk can today, place decor sticks in it and place it anywhere in your home. They can be your outdoor statement or your indoor glam. You choose.

Have a great weekend!

Hugs & Kisses,



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