For most people, the bigger the living room the better. We want to have a big living room with the best of everything in it. That’s okay you will have the living room of your dreams soon but before that ensure your small living room is just as beautiful. We need to start somewhere to get to where we want to be so if a small living room is where we begin from to get to our big living room someday then let’s do it, let’s make the best out of it. Nurture your living room, make it ooze with glamour, let lovely be the definition of your small living room. Organization is very important in small spaces so getting these items will change how your living room appears. Remember, your home can be so glam, so beautiful, so chic with just a few things here and there; the best part of it is they are affordable.

kaboompics_Elegant grey sofa and a table

  1. Accent table

Tables tend to take a lot of space and they are also quite bulky it is no wonder accent tables have become very popular. An accent table gives you space and convenience. One really good thing about it is the ability to be moved around the home.  The flexibility does it all for you, it’s almost like having a moving dining table. You don’t need to pull the bulky table to eat anymore. You can eat at your own pleasure, on your favorite couch with your food right next to you thanks to the accent table.


  1. Wall shelves

Shelves are generally space fixers. They will store half if not all of your living room essentials and make them look good. A simple way of saving space in your living room is mounting a shelf. A shelf will always help with decor accessories. Organizing books on the shelf as well as placing a few sculptures will keep your living room in check.


  1. Neutral colors

Neutral colors make a room appear bigger. Play with neutrals to achieve a brighter room. Colors such as off white make a huge difference. Tones of brown and gray seats will also serve your living room right. It’s easy to change the look of the the couch by including colorful throw pillows. Commit to a neutral couch with bright throw pillows. Having different colors of throw pillows helps you change the look of your couch regularly. This way your couch has a different mood every time you change the throw pillows, same couch, different look.


  1. Ottoman

An ottoman is great deal for a big or a small living room.  A storage ottoman is very helpful; you can safely and secretly store your things in it. No one will ever know about your storage secret. You can still use it for decoration purposes by placing your decor tray or any other decor accessory on it. An ottoman can also be used a seat. Having two of these in your living room will definitely help you when you need extra seats.  You don’t have to worry about having guests in your home; the ottoman will save the day. It’s as functional as it comes.

Hugs & Kisses,


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