Are you struggling with lighting in your home? Worry not; here are a few tips on how to brighten your home. Having a well lit home is a truly a blessing, we take this for granted until we find ourselves in a dark house. It maybe a friend’s new home that you visited or maybe it was your neighbor’s house warming party that you went to or maybe you once rented a dark home I think we have all been in a dark room/home once in our life. Lighting is bliss; it gives you such joyful delights.  As much as we love natural lighting not all homes or rooms are well lit. Today I  will walk you through ways to brighten your dark room. I am happy to work with you so call me and I will change your dark room to a delightful room.


  1. Metallic decor

Metallic accessories are a must have in a dark room. They are good in reflecting light. Decorate with Brass, Copper, Silver, Gold finishes and you will see a difference. Metallic accessories add light and elegance to the room. They have such glam vibes, don’t miss out on this.


  1. Curtains

Curtains are the real deal. One wrong move with them and you have yourself a dark room or a messy room or a room that looks like it’s missing something. As much as bold colors are great to have a dark room needs light curtains. Dark curtains are not your  friends. Invest in sheer and light colored curtains. Dark rooms resent dark curtains. Don’t do that to your room.


  1. Go monochrome

This is one of the best ideas to trick a dark room. Work with neutral monochromes especially with your furniture, wall art and rugs. Shades of white, shades of gray and shades of brown will brighten up your dark room.


  1. Minimalism

You don’t need to crowd a space and more so a dark space. Minimalism is the way to go when it comes to dark rooms. Bulky and dark furniture will only make your room appear smaller and somewhat darker. Just have what you need; clutter will only make it worse.

White wall

  1. Paint

Piece of advice, white works best. As much as bold colors are trendy and stylish white will always have its own spark. You will never go wrong with this color. Do you want your room to look elegant? Do white. Do you want your room to be brighter? Do white. Do you want your room to look bigger? Do white. I can go on and on. Paint your ceiling white, completely white, as white as snow. I’m sure you get it now. Paint your walls the same white or if that’s too much for you, use off white. Stick to white when it comes to painting the dark room.


  1. Mirrors

Mirrors! Saving the best for last. Mirrors are perfect decor accessories in a dark room. They reflect light making a room appear bigger and brighter. There is no better way to brighten a dark room than having mirrors on the wall. This accessory comes with light & style. Embrace it. Contact me to help you achieve this look.  I am here for you. Creating, transforming and upgrading your home is what I do. You can reach me on my email/mobile and social media pages.

Hugs & Kisses,


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