The kitchen is the busiest room in our homes so organizing this room takes nothing less than discipline and commitment. Would you like to know how true that is? Leave your kitchen unattended for one day; you’ll know exactly what I mean by commitment. The biggest challenge we have in the kitchen is space, it’s never enough. Whether you have a huge room with many and well arranged cabinets & drawers or you just have a room with shelves we all echo the same sentiments when it comes to the kitchen; we need more space. If you don’t have a pantry in your kitchen then the story is even worse. It can be frustrating but don’t let it be. Smile because there are solutions to this hard bone. Stay with me as I show you how to organize your kitchen without a pantry.


  1. Drawer organizers

First thing is first, utilize what you have. Drawers don’t have a lot of space but with some planning this can be changed. Drawer organizers are great in arranging your silverware so that definitely helps to clear your counters and creates more space in the kitchen. Not having a pantry means sharing your cabinets with all your kitchen essentials. Drawer organizers ensure space utilization and tidiness.


  1. Kitchen rolling carts

Kitchen rolling carts are amazing! I say this with so much zeal. They are mobile so they make sense even in the smallest kitchens. A pantry stores all our food stuff so when we have to store everything including food and spices in the cabinets it feels a bit squeezed and especially when the cabinets are very few. Rolling carts are great in storing your everyday items especially spices and breakfast goodies.



3. Shelves

Sometimes we don’t have enough cabinets so where do we store our containers? On shelves! That’s right. Shelves are the modern day pantries for all those people without actual made pantries. You can get a custom made kitchen shelf or you can build in shelves on your kitchen wall.

Kitchen jars

4. Clear containers/jars

Clear containers come a long way in kitchen organization. They are neat and functional. Don’t struggle to look for things in your cabinets when clear containers exist in this era. Getting clear containers is the first step of a self made pantry. These containers will store all your dry foods in a stylish and easy way.

Hugs & Kisses,



  1. Lovely! Drawer organisers and clear containers are a must. I’ve also seen lots of little DIY things where you can jazz them up with some nice little labels etc.


    1. Hello Aevyrobertz, my sincere apologies for late response. You can find organizers at Carrefour in The Hub or Two Rivers Mall. Let me know if you need my help. 🙂


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