Your bedroom is the most important room in your home and for so many reasons. It’s the room you end your day in and it’s also the room your start your day in. Besides that, you rest in this room, you get to dress up in this room (don’t worry you’ll get a walk in closet soon), you probably also read your books in this room and you have your other fun activities in this room. The room is multi-functional for sure. The problem comes in when we are too busy to attend to it. Perhaps you are late for work so you tell yourself you’ll attend to your room when you’re back from work. You had a long day at work, you’re tired so you tell yourself you’ll work on your room the next day. You wake up a bit late the next day since you were tired, you have to quickly dash out so you tell yourself you’ll attend to your room over the weekend. The weekend is here, four hours later it’s gone! Is it me or does a weekend feel like 4 hours of one day? it’s crazy! That’s also how the weekend goes by without attending to your room. The following week, the room is a mess and from there things just go downhill. You’re not able to find your favorite necklace or your black pants, it could be anything. How do you avoid all this? By working on your room every single day. Here are quick solutions to meet your everyday bedroom needs.


  1. Make your bed

It seems very easy and obvious but it isn’t. Making your bed is very important, it’s probably the first test of discipline everyday. When you make your bed, your room looks good and neat and you also get conquering the world vibes from within so it’s a win-win for everybody.  Make your bed before you go to make a change in the world. Making your bed is just as important as dressing up. Your room is already half way neat if your bed is well done.


  1. Open your windows

I can’t say enough about opening windows. It’s a breath of fresh air, literally.  You don’t need to have a cave like room. This is the room you dress up and glam yourself from, the room that you leave your perfume scent in, the room that you leave to change the world so please don’t be all about dark and stuffy. You are not, your room shouldn’t be either. Embrace your morning, embrace the light and embrace the day.

Laundry basket

  1. Laundry/storage basket

A laundry/storage basket is not even a choice for us, we have to own one. Where are you going to put the clothes you wear today, how about the ones you wore yesterday? Exactly! A laundry basket for your worn clothes is necessary and of course you can store in style. You don’t have to get the conventional baskets, a wicker basket can do. It’s chic, it’s lovely, it’s functional and it’s cultural. Get a laundry basket, kindly.


  1. Colored hangers

How many times have you looked for a specific outfit and not found it? Using colored hangers to organize your clothes will solve this problem. Color coding your clothes using colored hangers will change your life. Try it today!

Jewellery Box

  1. Store your accessories well

Accessories can be watches, earrings, necklaces, bangles, it’s a lot. Storing accessories is one of the biggest problems in the bedroom. Please don’t leave one earring in your drawer and another one in your make up bag or three necklaces in your handbag. No need, trust me. All accessories have specific ways of storing them but one basic rule remains; store jewellery in a cool dry area. Try not to pile them on each other or leave others on your bed when you’re in a hurry. Drawer jewellery organizers are great for storage. If the drawers have too much then you can get jewellery boxes and keep your jewellery in style.  They’ll save you time and money. Another win-win situation here, your accessories are well kept and you look lovely when you wear them.

Have a great weekend!

Hugs & Kisses,


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