Trends pretty much come and go, what was current last year this time may not necessarily be what is current today. Selecting a trend is like selecting an outfit; you have to be comfortable with it. Don’t buy because everybody else is buying; take it home because you actually like it rather love it. Let it be as personal as it comes, this way your home is not just made of trendy decor but trendy, personal and curated decor. I love curating, that basically means I will select and organize your home with what you love including your personal elements and items so that even when the trend is so 2018, your home is still chic and lovely in 2028. I like to put it this way, your home should tell your story, make it worthwhile. Contact me on my mobile, email, website or social media pages; I will be delighted to work with you and transform your house to your dream home


  1. Velvet

Velvet is making a big come back in 2018, slowly but surely. There is no doubt that velvet oozes sophistication and luxury. Velvet has always been so glamorous; color has never been an issue with this fabric whether you like deep shades or light hues velvet will transform you home, literally and immediately. It can be a velvet sofa or a velvet ottoman or a velvet pillow, any velvet is beautiful velvet! Your living room will look so good; every visitor will either want your home or want their home to look like yours. Get your velvet on today!


  1. Patterns

Geometric patterns took over in 2017 and will be very visible in 2018 as well. We also have circle patterns that will be more prevalent in 2018. Don’t be shy with patterns, they make a big difference in our homes, they don’t allow plain and boring to hover your home. They stick to bold and beautiful. Get a pattern in your home, a rug will do, a couch will do, accent chairs will do, throw pillows will do, wallpapers will do. There is a lot you can do with patterns; key word is you have to love it to take it home. Keep this in mind.


  1. Green

Green is not new in our conversations, it’s basically in our everyday lives. It’s a very bold color and is very nature inspired. What is new about it is it’s becoming very famous in our indoor spaces now not just our outdoor spaces. It has been a bang in bohemian chic style and continues to be a big deal in 2018. It gives a very cool, refreshing feeling. We have embraced green so well and so elegantly by mostly including plants in our homes. Get your green plants and or green throws, green is an excellent accent color.


  1. Woven Textures

Woven textures are so beautiful and so versatile. They can go anywhere in your home, living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, outdoor spaces, believe me any space is a good space for woven textures. We have seen them more in 2018 through wicker baskets, macrame wall hangings and wool rugs. You can use wickers baskets for decorating and organizing. Macrame hangings will do justice to that plain wall you have in your home. Woven textures have a warm and cozy feeling; once you go woven you never go back. !

Hugs & Kisses,



  1. Hey, I love the ideas…they are so simple and make a huge difference.
    I want to work with a feature wall and put pictures on it…in the living room…any ideas on this.
    Thank you.


    1. Hello Florence. Thank you so much. Pictures are great on a feature wall. I love working with different sizes of photo frames, it really brings out the beauty of the pictures and the wall. Painting is also great inexpensive way of decorating a feature a wall. So paint the wall and mount pictures, It will be so fabulous. (Please ensure the paint compliments the room). I hope this helps! My sincere apologies for late response.


      1. Thanks for your response. I have printed photos ..now looking for nice affordable frames. Ideas on where I can get these locally?


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