Have you been trying to keep it cool and ol’ skool in your home? Then retro is for you! Retro vibes are such good and nostalgic vibes. I’m talking about colors, prints, patterns, curves and accents. Retro is a combination of old styles from different periods. The very eclectic style is greatly influenced by the past trends. This style is everything but shy so get your bold personality on and get this look.


  1. Patterns

Florals & Geometric patterns were very common in the past, if you’re planning to go retro then go big on patterns. They are to live for! Very cool, very colorful, very pronounced in the room. That’s exactly what you need for a classic look. Throw pillows, rugs and ottomans will pull this look perfectly for you.

Throw pillows

  1. Bold colors

Bright and daring colors came to life a while back. It’s not retro if it doesn’t have color keep this in mind. Shades and hues of green, yellow, brown and orange were very popular in the past. You can choose to go in this direction or involve other bright colors that will still be perfect for your retro look. You can use colors in your sofas, curtains, throw pillows and walls. Play with color, they never disappoint.


  1. Furniture

Simple and curvy furniture is what you need to complement your retro look. Mid century modern style inspired sleek and curvy furniture. The sofas were mostly broad with colored pillows.  Sleek and curvy will give your living room the classic vibe you are looking to achieve.


  1. Accents

Accents go way back. To achieve a retro look, you need accents in your living room. Wing back chairs are perfect for this. The accent seats will also give your living room a focal point. You love retro? I can help you achieve your retro goals. I will walk with you through different periods of design and create a unique retro home just for you. Contact me on my mobile, email, website and social media pages

Hugs &Kisses,


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