Working from home is such a joy. As if working on your own terms is not cool enough, you also get to create this lovely space to work in. Such a delight!  A home office should be lovely, no doubt about it but functionality is key. It’s very important to have a comfortable and functional home office; it should mirror your goals and invite productivity. Your office should make you want to work even more; it should be an inspiring space for your hustle. Take a look at how you can achieve a beautiful, inspiring and functional office space.


  1. Location

The first step of creating a great home office is selecting the best location for it. It doesn’t have to be the smallest corner of your home. Select a location that you will love to work in. Consider your line of business; will you have clients in your home office or will it be a private working space just for you? These questions will guide you on the best location to create your home office.


  1. Great furniture

I love chic and beauty and grandeur and luxe, all these things are my delights. I am also crazy about comfort and functionality so your seat and desk should be just as functional and comfortable as they are lovely. Don’t compromise on comfort for beauty you don’t have to. You can get both so select a seat and a desk you will be comfortable using.


  1. Great lighting

Don’t allow yourself to have dark corners in your home, let alone a dark corner office space. Any dark corner should be converted to a lovely space. How? Decorate with plants or mount some shelves and place vases and sculptures or use a beautiful lamp to light the corner anything but dark corners in your home. Select a space with natural lighting; it’s very welcoming and motivating. Get your light on.


  1. Greenery

Bring a bit of Mother Nature at home. A plant is perfect for your home office. It’s refreshing, it’s cool, it’s outdoorsy, it’s beautiful, and it’s life! Have some plants on your desk. You are going to love it!

Warm accesories

  1. Warm Accessories

You are creating a home office so personalize it as much as possible. Mount inspiring wall art on your wall, have a few photos on your wall or on your desk, have one or two flower/plant vases or sculptures in your office. This will make all the difference. Your office will be full of life, full of hard work and mostly full of you. Get personal. I would be delighted to design a home office that meet your needs. You can reach me on my mobile, email, website and social media pages.

Hugs & Kisses,



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