Clutter is a big problem in so many homes. It doesn’t matter how big or small your home is, clutter issues are universal.  It all begins with keeping what you don’t need in a drawer, then it progresses to the drawer with everything you don’t need then it progresses to the two drawers with everything you don’t need and by now we have a huge problem. Clutter is not only found in the kitchen, it can be found in any room in your home. If it’s not dealt with, your home can become an eye sore very easily. Clutter & untidiness are best friends so please don’t welcome them in your home. Here are quick and easy ways to declutter.


  1. Practice minimalism

The easiest way to declutter is to deal with the things you don’t use and need anymore. You probably have things you have not used for years, please let go. My declutter rule is if you don’t use it every day then you don’t have to see it every day and if you don’t use it for a while then you don’t need it. Share your things, get rid of broken things, only have things you love in your living room and things you need in other rooms. Live happily by having a clean and safe haven at home.


  1. Create a routine

Clutter has a way of crawling back in your home even after decluttering. It’s the smallest things, for instance take out menus in your kitchen or the free ketchup sachets in your kitchen top drawer it can be anything. You need to set decluttering goals, create a routine. It can be daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly; a routine will absolutely help in achieving a clutter free home.


  1. Be organized

Who doesn’t want a well organized home?  However wanting is one thing and having is another. Sometimes things are just not in place, perhaps you have a small space to work with; perhaps you have a lot for your current space. Work with home organizers, baskets are great for bathroom & bedroom storage, ottomans and shelves are great for the living room, hooks and drawer organizers are great for the kitchen. These goodies are your friends, invest in them.

Have a great weekend!

Hugs & Kisses,


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