We are all so different and that’s what makes us so unique. We have different opinions, styles, personalities, perceptions, likes and dislikes. You might be very warm and open to colors or you might be a very black and white kind of person. You might be into patterns or you might be into plain. You might be into mirrors or you might be into art pieces either way what you like is what you should have at home. Your personality should linger in each and every room in your home. Have you been trying to add some color to your living room and you can’t put a finger on the colors to incorporate? Don’t panic, It happens all the time. I am here for you so relax; I will help you select the best color for your living room. Contact me on my email, website or social media pages; it’s best to say your living room will see a new dawn.


  1. Bright colors

Bright colors will automatically change the mood in  your living room. Coordinating colors is very important for your home. You don’t want 50 shades of red, blue, yellow, orange, brown, pink, green & grey in the same space. It’s going to overwhelm you, believe me. If you really love colors then I recommend you incorporate your favorite colors in very room of your home. You can have a dominant color, a secondary color and an accent color in your living room. Three to five different colors will work; the secret is how you coordinate them.  A dominant color which is the color you use extensively in your living room, a secondary color is the color you use a little less than the dominant, it will provide a balance to the color scheme. An accent color is the color you use the least in a room, it’s a very bold color so it can be colorful throw pillows, rugs or art pieces.


  1. Neutral colors

Neutral colors are very easy to work with. There are just enough for the room. Off white, beige, gray, mauve, aqua blue, lilac and taupe are perfect for a cool neutral feel in your living room. The greatest advantage of working with neutral colors is the flexibility; you can change your living room look so many times and at a low expense. You can add throw pillows, you can change your wall art, and you can change your wall paper without changing your furniture. Neutral colors are bae.


  1. Monochrome palette

Monochrome scheme is achieved by using one color family. This is where you have shades, tones and tints of one color throughout the room.  Monochromatic palettes are timeless, they are very sophisticated. If you are looking for chic and luxe then you found yourself a match. You will love it!

Hugs & Kisses,


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