First of all, no matter how big our closets are we can never say we have enough. We blame our bedrooms for being too small, we blame our closets for being too small but most times we are the ones to blame. Too many things guys, too many things. We have so many clothes, so many shoes, so many bags and so much jewellery and what’s crazy about this is that most people only use half of these things, the other half is to look at or to just know that somewhere in the closet there are tight pants that no longer fit but you still love them. The situation is even worse when you don’t have a closet and you have dozens of bags, clothes and shoes. Closets really help in organization however it doesn’t mean your bed room can’t be neat and lovely without an in-house closet. You can create your own closet in your bedroom. Don’t let those four walls trick you into thinking you can’t. You can and you will. Have a look.

Clothing rack

  1. Clothing rack

A rack is a game changer in the bedroom. It’s basically your dream closet because it moves around. You can work with it from any area of your room. Organizing your clothes in the clothing rack is just as easy as organizing in the closet. So if you get a house you like and at a good deal but the bedroom is a bummer; just smile at your agent/house owner and get it because you know you will create your own closet.

Chest of drawers

  1. Chest of Drawers

Chest of drawers will store your clothes and still look good; it’s more like a decor item as well as a storage item.  Chest of drawers is what you need for a bedroom without a closet. The great thing about it is when you move out of your current home, you move out with it. It’s a keeper.


  1. Hooks

Hooks are great organizers even with a closet in your bedroom, they come in handy. You can use hooks to hang scarves and jewellery that doesn’t require special storage. Trying to figure out how to organize jewellery and scarves can get overwhelming. Hooks are excellent in organization.


  1. Shelves

Trends come and go, shelves came and stayed. Shelves are timeless; whether you are talking about mid century style or you are talking about contemporary style, they will never be out of style. They have always been useful in every room in our home. They are even more useful in your bedroom. The many clothes and the many bags surely need shelves if the closet is absent. Mount some today, you’ll love our space.

Hugs & Kisses,


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