Baskets are as beautiful as they come. They are everything! They come in so many colors, so many shapes and so many styles. Baskets are great decor accessories, they define function and beauty. They will give your home that airy refreshing look and definitely a sense of organization and order. You can have them anywhere in your home, literally anywhere. They never disappoint, try them.


  1. Organization

Small wicker baskets are excellent in organization. You can include these babies in the kitchen. Spices are great in baskets. Fruits are great in baskets. Breakfast goodies are great in baskets.  Dry food jars are great in baskets. You can have a basket themed kitchen, very cool and very urban.

Plant pot

  1. Plant pots

Green is the millennium color. We speak about going green and saving the environment every single day. Baskets are here to help you go green in style. Add some personality in your plants by having your plant pots in baskets. I love how they look and you will too.

Storage basket

  1. Storage

You can use baskets for storing towels in the bathroom, storing throws in the living room, storing dirty laundry in the bedroom, storing blankets in the bedroom, and storing toys for your children, I’m not even half way there on what they can store, they can store a lot. If you’ve been trying to figure out how to store in style, baskets will sweep you off your feet.


  1. Decoration

I love baskets on the wall. They give you such chic vibes. Wall baskets are usually small and full of color, they come in various shapes but mostly circular. Mount baskets as wall art on the wall, they look so good. If you are looking to spice up that plain wall in your living room and not spend a fortune on it, baskets are the way to go. Beautiful, inexpensive, versatile, that’s like the Ed, Edd & Eddy trio. Get the baskets today, you will love them.

Hugs & Kisses,


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