Empty corners are not a surprise. There is always that funny space left after you furnish your home. The space is usually too small to fit another sofa and too big to ignore. It’s so annoying because you’ve checked every single box in your living room, great sofa? Check. Great table? Check, Great statement wall? Check. Great curtains? Check. Everything else falls into place apart from this weird space. The weird space can be a cool space if you decorate it. Ignoring it will only make it look like a giant odd space that’s missing something. Have a look at how to add style and glam in that awkward corner.


  1. Accent chair

An accent chair can be a big or a small chair that you add to the room for more personality. Accent chairs compliment a living room. If your corner is big, an accent chair will fit right in. One of your dining seats can be an accent chair so if you don’t have the budgets for it just bring one of the seats in your living room and fill that space with grace.


  1. Plant

The mention of plants makes me smile. They are problem solvers. You want a cool & airy space? Plants. You want a lovely and refreshing space? Plants. You want an eclectic & bohemian space? Plants. You want to style that awkward corner? There you go, plants! They are life! Please grab one large plant and fill your space, it’s going to be awesome!


  1. End tables

They are also called accent tables. These tables are small and very lovely. End tables have various designs; you can inspire an end table design from the style you have in your living room to get a good flow. You can have a flower vase on the end table or just have the end table as is. Either way the end table will change the empty corner to a beautiful functional corner.


  1. Lamp

A lamp means more light. Who doesn’t want more light in their home? I thought so, no one. A lamp will blow your mind away for two reasons. It comes with light & lovely vibes and it will take care of that awkward corner.  It’s a shady awkward corner that just needs to go. Get the lamp and beat the shade.

Hugs & Kisses,


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