‘My home has too much space’ said no one. Have you ever gotten a house you loved, thought the space was enough, paid for the house and moved in? When you move in you realize you need more space, you suddenly think of a bigger kitchen or a bigger living room or a bigger bedroom. It happens all the time, what you don’t realize is that the space you have can be adequate if you just coordinate your furnishings and collectibles well. It’s the art of beauty and function. A studio apartment motivates you to be creative because you either have an organized studio apartment or a cluttered studio apartment. You don’t want to be on the cluttered side, it’s messy and ugly and it’s definitely not you. You are super cool, beautiful (and handsome for the guys, I see you), brilliant, fabulous, stunning, elegant, magnificent and the best part of it is you are unique, there is no one like you. You get the flow? Cool. So your home should be exactly that, an extension of your personality.  Organize & decorate your studio apartment, don’t give the space excuse. I’ll help you transform your space; contact me on email, mobile, website and social media images. (It’s not expensive; trust me, we shall work with your budget). Let’s transform that studio apartment to a fabulous home.


  1. Floating shelves

Shelves are your friends. Large or small space, they are your ride or die type of friends. They organize, store and drum rolls…. They don’t take your floor space. You can have these beauties mounted on your walls, above your kitchen sink, above your bed, above your sofa, it’s amazing. First thing is first, get some shelves.

Kitchen jars

  1. Organizers

This is just one of those things that don’t need much selling. You’re already sold by the time you are reading this. Why? Cleanliness, tidiness, peace of mind, comfort so much revolves around organizing. Get drawer organizers, get wicker baskets for bathroom and bedroom organizers, get a clothing rack if your apartment doesn’t have a closet, get jars for your dry foods in the kitchen.  Invest in organizers. Live in a clutter free home.

Furniture - Copy

  1. Minimal furniture

Minimal furniture doesn’t mean small furniture. When you have really small furnishings, your space appears smaller than it actually is so work with few but relatively big furnishings. Okay so by big I don’t mean a huge 5 seater sofa taking half of your entire space, I mean an adequate sofa for the space. If you saw a sofa and thought it would be too small for your apartment then it’s probably too small. Be creative with the space and get the sofa that compliments it.


  1. Mirrors

Decorating with mirrors is easy breezy.  When you talk about glam and chic then you need to talk about mirrors. They will give you an instant hotel look and feel, go crazy with mirrors. You can mount them on one wall; you’ll have a feature wall. Always know that any space is good space for a mirror.

Subtle colors

  1. Neutral colors

Your space appears bigger with neutral colors .  White, off white, beige and gray are perfect for a small space. Are you a color person and neutrals are just a bit plain for you? That’s alright; you can go all lavender, lilac mauve and light earth tone colors. They are just as subtle as the conventional neutrals. There is a shade, hue and tone of colors for everyone. Don’t give the space excuse; go all lovely and chic.

Hugs & Kisses,


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