Have you been thinking of reupholstering your sofa but your pocket disagrees with you? Worry not. You don’t have to reupholster the sofa if it’s above your budget, you can just style it. The results will impress you alright. Styling a sofa is one of the easiest ways to decorate your living room and changing your sofa vibes. There are cheap ways to do this, don’t stress, don’t panic, just stick around and check out fantastic ways to style your sofa. Let’s give that sofa your personality.


  1. Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are literally your best sofa accessories. They come in so many colors, so many designs, so many shapes you really need them for your sofa. They transform it immediately. One moment you have a plain, boring sofa, the next moment you have this fabulous sofa thanks to the colorful, bright and lovely throw pillows. They are cheap, they are chic and they were made for your sofa. Please get them.


  1. Rug

A good rug is a must have. It changes the whole tone of the room. Having it will definitely improve your sofa look. If you have a neutral colored sofa then going bold with a rug will be great however bold colors can also work with bold colors and neutral colors can also work with neutral colors, you just need to coordinate the colors. Go ahead and have fun with it.

Plant pot

  1. Accents

Accents can be lamps, can be side tables, can be plants, can be ottomans, they can be a lot of things. That’s what your sofa needs,accents! Get them for your sofa, if you’re into plants then go for it, if you’re into side/end tables go for it, plain & boring will be replaced by chic & lovely.

Hugs & Kisses,


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