kaboompics_Blue sofa with pillows in a designer living room interior

Budgets are not so great, they let you dream for a minute and give you a hard slap of reality when you actually write your numbers on the budget paper. They are priority checkers that’s why you should have them and love them, you want to buy a wall to wall TV but your budget won’t let you be. You want this beautiful cooker but your budget won’t let you be. You want to decorate you living room but your budget just won’t let you be. I get it, the good news is you are able to decorate your living room, the better news is you don’t need a lot of money to do this; the best news is your living room will be decorated and it will look great. Let’s get started.


  1. Wall art

The cheapest way to decorate your living room is by creating a gallery wall using photos or print arts. Print images of what you love, inspirational quotes can do, animals can do, patterns can do, pop art can do, your photos can also do. There is a lot to hang on the wall. Find out what you love and display it in your living room. Your gallery wall will be full of your personality.


  1. Collectibles

These are items you’ve collected over a period of time. It can be anything you love and you probably don’t know where to place it. Work with it in your living room, if it’s a wall art; please mount it up, if it’s an old vase or a bottle, that’s fine display it as long it’s not broken it will give you rustic vibes. Anything goes with collectibles. Display your collection.


  1. Tray & Accesories

Any tray is a good tray. Trays are organizers and are great in displaying items. You can organize your books in a tray or have candles in a tray; you can have a sculpture and a vase in a tray. Trays can pretty much display any small item you like. Once you’ve arranged your items in a tray, display it on your coffee table or console table or side table.  Key word, display; don’t hide your items, upgrade your living room.

Hugs & Kisses,


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