I’m a big fan of feature walls, a really big fan. The wall does the talking for you, it instantly tells your personality the moment someone walks in your home. It’s the wall with colors, the wall with mirrors, the wall with wall art, the wall with clocks, the wall with photo frames, it’s that wall. You make it a statement wall by featuring what you love on that wall. We have feature walls that are so lovely, they are bold and beautiful. Take a look.


  1. Wall Basket

Wall baskets are beautiful, just beautiful. They have a beachy, coastal look and feel. They are great in the living room; you can also feature them in the dining area. There are very many designs of wall baskets, they are affordable, they are easy to mount and they will absolutely change your living room look, what’s not to love?

World wallpaper

  1. World Map

If you are big on travel then this is for you. Dedicate a whole wall just for your world map, daring but very cool. A large world map will give you a very contemporary and chic look.  You’ll have your world on your wall in your home. Enjoy the view.

Wooden wallpaper

  1. Wooden finish wallpaper

Wallpapers are great, no doubt about it. They come in so many designs; choosing one becomes a task by itself but a fun task, you don’t just get one or two favorites you get almost five if you ask me.  That’s how great and diverse they are.  One of my favorite wallpaper is wooden finish wallpaper. It’s very mid century, gives your home an elegant and countryside look, it brightens the room as well, definitely a look to try out.

Hugs & Kisses,


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