A small bedroom is like a pair of tight pants. The pants are too tight but you still wear them because you don’t have another pair that is that good. Chronicles of a small bedroom, too small for you for sure however you have to live with it until you move to something better. Any space should look great, I mean you don’t let your space limit you from looking fabulous so don’t let the same space limit you from having a great bedroom. There are a couple of things you can do to make your bedroom look bigger and also feel bigger but you don’t just want a bigger space you want a beautiful, fabulous space so have a look at how to achieve this. Remember, fabulousity begins at home.


  1. Lighting

The number one basic rule of creating a good space is lighting. You don’t want to live in a man cave trust me it’s not fun. Any room needs to be airy and well lit but a small bedroom needs it even more. Ensure you have natural lighting coming in your bedroom. If the room appears dark please don’t put heavy, bold colored curtains, use shear curtains. I know, you’ll say there is no privacy with shear curtains, I’m happy to let you know that there are shear curtains that are thick enough to keep it private and light enough to keep it lit and airy. Get them, kindly.

white paint

  1. White paint

Paint is your friend. Most homes have an off white paint on the walls and a brilliant white (plain white) on the ceiling, usually the basic colors in most homes in Kenya. While the colors are neutral an all white bedroom will blow your mind away. It will look so clean, so crisp, so refreshing; it also gives the room a bigger look.


  1. Furniture

Put some furniture in there no matter the size. A chest of drawers, side boards, a seat, a side table, a dresser hey any relevant furniture that can fit in that room needs to be in that room. It will make it look bigger, trust me. When you put small things in a small room then it just appears smaller same case to having a room with just a bed. Take advantage of the space regardless of the size put a piece of furniture. You’ll see the difference.


  1. Bed

One, make your bed a focal point; two get a bed that perfectly fits the space (not too big, not too small). I know, trust me I know, there are really small bedrooms but please don’t get a small bed when your bedroom can fit a bigger bed. Why? Because the smaller your furnishings in a room, the smaller the room appears so invest in a bed that’s fairly big but of course fits well in the room. Don’t get an oversized bed 🙂 get one that fits the room.

Hugs & Kisses,


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