Your bedroom should be the most important room in your home. It’s the most comfortable room anyway. It’s also glamorous thanks to your lovely collection of clothes, a mirror to admire yourself and probably a chest of drawers for storage.  It’s one of those rooms that don’t get a lot of decor attention because it’s already so cozy however a room is never too cozy for a little style. Perhaps you are thinking that decorating another room means going back to your pockets for money, not necessarily, you can style up your bedroom for free. Here’s how.

Chest of drawers

  1. Decorate your chest of drawers

You can play with just about anything on a chest of drawers. Any collectibles you have would do great on the drawers. You can place photo frames on it, you can place jewellery box on it, you can place vases on it or even a decorative metallic plate. Anything goes when it comes to decorating a chest of drawers, as long as you love it; place it on your chest of drawers. So get your collectibles from storage and decorate today.


  1. Mount photos

Easiest way of styling your room, mount photos on the wall, If you are big on adventures, trips and travel in general then this is especially for you. Take photos of yourself, family, friends and your surroundings. Find a wall in your bedroom and mount or hang your photos. Gallery walls are not just for the living room, you can make a gallery wall wherever you want. Remember design is about you and what you love.


  1. Old wine bottles

Don’t throw away your wine bottles; they’ll come in handy one day. I love that they come in different sizes and shapes and so decorating with them becomes very easy. Take off the wine bottle sticker, wash the bottle and display the bottle. I love when they are in threes or fours just to have a statement display.


  1. Re-purpose accessories

Accessories can be vases, lampshades & sculptures. Vases are so bomb. It is no wonder you’ll find yourself with more than one vase. Just take one of the vases in your living room, put some flowers in it(real or artificial) and place it on your dresser or on your chest of drawers or on your sideboard. Same case goes to lampshades, sculptures and any other accessory. You can use your accessories anywhere in your home.

Hugs & Kisses,



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