Have you ever gone to a friend’s home and just gazed at how their home was clean and crisp? The home is absolutely beautiful and with few but stunning elements. That’s Scandinavian for you, it demands your attention, it gives you luxe vibes even in a small home.  Scandinavian is an interior design style that originated from the Nordic regions, that is Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Norway. It has been widely embraced because it echoes the less is more sentiments so really clutter and scandi are not friends. Scandinavian is neat, clean, crisp and luxe. You don’t need to have a large living room for the style because again it’s not the space; it’s what you do with the space. Take a look at the top 4 tips for achieving the Scandinavian style.

Natural elements

  1. Natural elements

Natural elements include plants, wood finishes, stone finishes; it’s simply bringing nature in your home. If you are big on nature then all you have to do is to coordinate what you already have at home, if you love the look however you are shy on natural elements you can always install a wallpaper with wood or brick finishes and get artificial plants; your choice, either way you’ll achieve the look.

Whie wall 2

  1. White walls

White walls will always be my all time favorite look. You cannot speak about a luxury home without speaking about white, it’s the real deal. A scandi look is a very clean look, white gives you that and more. It gives you the wow factor.


  1. Black & White wall art

A monochrome of black and white is what you need to change the tone of the room. There is this thing about black and white, match made in heaven kind of thing. Black gives you chic, white gives you luxe and so chic meets luxe and falls in love. Okay you get the flow; black and white is a need for a Scandinavian style. Your black and white wall art will look great on you white walls.

Window treatment

  1. Light window treatments

This is to everyone who loves natural lighting but has dark or dull curtains, please stop. Remove those curtains love, please don’t’ say that they match with your rug or seats or they kind of just match with your colors,I believe you they blend with what you have however natural lighting looks better in your living room than any other color coordination. Lighting is key and Scandinavian style speaks the same language with me. Get very light colored/neutral colored curtains you’ll love it. Stick to light and bright when it comes to window treatments.

Hugs & Kisses,


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