Clothing rack

Organizing your closet is one thing, keeping it organized is another thing, it’s like algebra and calculus on the same exam paper. Jeez! What a stressful thing. So you do your laundry and organize your clothes in your closet pretty well, come day four things are a mess. You are looking for your white top that only looks good in the bra you are wearing that day. After a quick 5 minute search you stop looking for the white top and settle for the brown top which is a bit tight so you’ll have to change your bra to wear the top, you quickly iron your top and dash to work lest you are late for work again.  Same thing happens the next morning, meaning the pile is increasing and the mess is getting bigger. I’m I speaking like we’ve known each other forever? It’s okay. Your closet is organized for a maximum of three days and the rest of the days well let’s just say it’s a clothing jungle. That’s about to change; take a look at how to keep your closet organized.


  1. Laundry basket

A laundry basket is as important as your mattress. You know how you can live without a bed but a mattress is a must have, that’s the same thing about a laundry basket. You can do without a closet but we can’t say the same about a laundry basket. It’s a thing guys, it’s neat and it keeps your room tidy and it keeps you clean as well. You don’t want to throw the clothes you wore today in the closet with all your clean, fabulous clothes. Get a laundry basket, it’s a need. It’s the first step of organizing your closet and keeping it that way, get rid of the dirty clothes from your closet.  They belong in the laundry basket.


  1. Scarves & Belts

One simple thing about scarves and belts hang them in one hanger respectively. All your scarves in one hanger, if you have very many scarves then add another hanger but just don’t mix them with your clothes. Same thing for the belts, it’s a one size fits all kind of thing. All belts on one hanger again if they are very many, add another hanger. We have hangers that have hooks and magnets, that’s what you need for the belts.


  1. Fold your clothes vertically

This is for all your t-shirts and fold required clothes. Fold them vertically that way you can quickly identify the t-shirt you’d like to wear without disorganizing your entire drawer. This system will keep your closet tidy as well as save you time.

color code

  1. Color code hangers

We all have those outfits we call our favorites, we also tend to overdo them. Hey, it’s fine I’m also very guilty of this. You just need to keep your favorites close to you. How? You got it, color code hangers. Have colored hangers for your favorite clothes, colored hangers for your party clothes, colored hangers for your short skirts, colored hangers for your black blouses and so forth. Use different colored hangers, this system will change your life.

Hugs & Kisses,


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