We all want a great space, a lovely one and a cozy one of course. We’ve all had a moment where we had an item that served us longer than it should have or is still serving us (It’s time to let it go for real. Let. It. Go.) Maybe it’s the curtains you had in your college room or a cracked vase that you bought years ago it could even be the worn out rug you inherited from your elder sister over 5 years ago. There is always that one thing if changed then it would definitely upgrade your living room look.  Creating a luxe space doesn’t have to  be expensive, really it doesn’t.  You just need to be aware of the items to use. You don’t have to all go 5 star hotel look and budget; you can always embrace cheap thrills and get right into it. Create a wow factor in your home; let luxe, chic and cozy take over your living room. Drip your living room in finesse. (I just had to use finesse, I’ve been looking so forward to using it 🙂 . Anyway back to keeping it luxe, here is how to achieve a luxe look.

Marble top

  1. Marble top table

Marble top tables are as classy as they come. Elegance is their second name. All you need is a table that oozes luxe and glamour, that’s your marble top table. It’s that kind of a thing.  You can have it as your coffee table or side table. It’s so elegant you can just have it without placing any accessory on it but if you want to add glamour on glamour then place a metallic accessory on it. Oh my! You will have yourself a good looking, luxe table.


  1. Statement Lamp

Lamps will always be in style. They were in the 1920s, they were in the 1990s, they are in 2018 and they will be in 2050. They are so cool, first of all they actually do something, light up your home and secondly they are beautiful so there you go beauty and function.  A floor lamp will give you that elegant look.

kaboompics_Scandinavian decorative pillows on modern sofa-1

  1. Throw pillows

Throw pillows are best friends. If you ever feel that you need to change the look of your sofa,  look no further begin with the simplest way, change your throw pillows and if you don’t have throw pillows buy as soon as you can. They are affordable and they come with a bang! One moment you have a dull sofa, the next you don’t. Update your sofa and you’ll automatically upgrade to a luxe living room.


  1. Feature wall

A wall with any type of wall art tells a story. Create a feature wall in your home, it can be with a huge mirror or with a huge painting or with photo frames. A feature wall gives you a luxe look and it shares your personality with your home. A feature wall is a fab wall, fab meaning fabulous. Do you know something? Fabulousity begins at home. Create a fabulous feature wall.


  1. Plants

Go green or go home. We are singing this song and I hope you agree with it. Have some plants, your living room will have a luxe look without even trying, that’s what plants do, they change the look and feel of your room. You want it looking luxe and feeling fresh? Plants. That’s the secret.

Hugs & Kisses,


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