Small or large, your home should be just as stylish as you are.  First of all, I believe that any space is good space for decor.  Seriously, as long as you eat in that small home, shower in that small home, look like a million bucks in that small home then that home can be just as chic regardless of the space. You just need to give it a chance to shine, how? By decorating with your personality, fill your home with pieces that you love, pieces that can tell who you are. Being stylish is one thing, having a stylish home is another thing, the good news is that you can achieve both. You can and you will, take a look at how to decorate with cheap yet chic pieces.


  1. Throw pillows

Throw pillows speak for themselves. Trendy? Check. Chic? Check. Lovely? Check. Luxe? Check. They go hard on sofas. Hard in a good way of course; crazy good way, your sofa needs throw pillows. Your living room needs throw pillows, they are game changers. Just go ahead and get throw pillows, they don’t have to match with your sofas, mix and match is a thing! Try it out. They don’t have to be the same size or shape, again mix and match! I bet you will love them.

Wall accessory

  1. Statement wall accessory

Get a statement wall accessory for your living room. It can be anything you love, mirrors, wall art, clocks, photos, literally any wall item you are into can look just as great. The best thing about these accessories is that they are easy to find as well as well as pocket friendly.  Once you go all in on wall accessories, you’ll never go back to bare walls.


  1. Neutral color curtains

Neutral colors are good for a small space. Do you know what’s even better for a small space? Neutral curtains, hues of brown are gray will brighten the room, sheer curtains on the other hand will go far and beyond brightening your room. They will give you a luxe look as well. There are thick sheer curtains that keep it bright and private as well. Invest in neutral color curtains; this is one of those things that completely change the tone of the room.


  1. Accent table

Sometimes the space is extremely small but remember space has nothing to do with decor. Any space is good space for decor so without further ado introducing accent tables. Have you been thinking of getting a coffee table but you’re worried about the table taking up half of your space? Well accent tables are here, call them side tables, end tables that’s fine. These are your winning pieces because they are small and they can move around and they are lovely and here goes they are cheaper than the coffee table. Bam! There goes your space, coffee table solution. Make sure you always look fab and your home to always look fab.

Hugs & Kisses,


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