Let me guess, you’ve been thinking of updating your living room for a while now but you haven’t. Why? Well, you work from morning to evening during the week, you turn up on Friday so Saturday is officially a recovering day from the lit night you had. Sunday is a taking it easy day so yes there is no time and the budget is also not that much because there are other things on top of the list hey a girl has to do her hair, have some cocktails over the weekend, pay her rent, pay her bills and still travel so the living room can wait until a raise or bonus comes your way. Trust me I know, I get it, you want a lovely home but you have a lot going on for now, I get it. Do you know what to do? A simple makeover; it’s cheap and you’ll get lovely results. Here’s how.


  1. Declutter

It’s not the decor that’s lacking sometimes; it’s the crowding that’s too much. Do you have a certain section of your living room that has all your cracked stuff, pens that are not working, take out menus, remotes you no longer need, 2016 magazines and any other item you think you need to keep but you really don’t? Okay, you have one. Take them out of your living room, if they no longer work, please get rid of them, if you have some great items that you don’t need any more just share. Decluttering is the first step of a makeover.


  1. Paint

The simplest way of decorating is by adding color, a saying by an interior designer who believes color is a game changer, an interior designer who loves color whether black, white, orange, mauve, lilac, red, green, pink, blue, yellow all colors that’s Baibera for you. Colors are bae and the great thing about them is that everyone has a color they like. You love bold colors? By all means go for it. Paint your walls whatever color you love, you can have just one wall painted or all walls just coordinate the paint with your sofas, curtains generally your living room theme. If you’re into neutral colors, then you can have your wall painted brilliant white and then you can have your sofas in neutrals or in bolds. If you’re into bold colors, you can go bold in both walls and sofas or you can tone it down by having a bold wall with neutral sofas. Bottom line is work with what you love.

kaboompics_Blue pillows on a comfy sofa

  1. Throw pillows

It wouldn’t be a makeover without updating your sofas. How do you update sofas? There are many ways to do this but one tops it all. Throw pillows! Your sofas will look fresh, chic and lovely. Throw pillows give you more than you pay for, they are cheap and what they give you is luxe. They are super so go ahead and buy them and obviously use them. That’s it for today.


  1. Accessories

You don’t need to buy more accessories, the vases you have, plants and a few photo frames is all you need. Change it a bit. Rearrange your accessories, bring the one in your bedroom in the living room and change the one on your console table, place it on your coffee table, place your small plants on a tray. You get the flow? Use the things you have in your home and rearrange them. You’ll get a new look for free. What’s not to love? Your living room will be all chic and fab. That’s it for today.

Hugs & Kisses,


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