If your kitchen is looking all dull even after thorough cleaning then it needs a decor upgrade. It’s not you; it’s the kitchen, period! The kitchen wants what it wants and that’s a little life, a little color and a little attention from you. I know it’s not a cheap affair to decorate your home so the kitchen is not a priority at all. First comes living room, second comes the master bedroom, third comes anywhere else, last comes kitchen. I get it and you are not alone; so many people leave out the kitchen decor, well you are about to leave that boat, you are now boarding the chic kitchen boat and an affordable rate so here we go!


  1. Paint

Painting your kitchen will do the trick. Painting is really that one thing that is relatively cheap and gives you great results. It changes the tone of the room, one minute you have an old looking room the other minute you have a new, clean room. Paint your kitchen walls preferably a bright color, you will be very impressed with the results.


  1. New towels

Kitchen towels are must haves, they are more of needs than wants. Update your kitchen towels game, if they are old, buy new towels and hang them on your hooks. It sounds obvious and too small of a thing to make an impact but trust me, decor is in the details.


  1. Plants

Plants are game changers, bringing Mother Nature in your home is always a great idea and the fact that plants are so beautiful makes it even easier to bring them home. If you don’t have space for a big plant in the kitchen, get the small pot plants and place them on your counters or on your shelf (just make sure wherever you place them, they are visible).


  1. Rug

Rugs are lovely and functional, great combination in interior design. Do you see where you wash your dishes from? You need a pretty little rug there. There is also the cooking area, where your cooker is, place a pretty little thing there. Cheap, chic and functional, get yourself some rugs 🙂

Hugs & Kisses,


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