1525934499_tmp_WallpaperBohemian style is a mix of colors, patterns, textures and cultures. Bohemian style is full of life, full of adventures and very rich on cultures.  It’s just really beautiful and achieving it is not hard, it looks like a lot of work but really it’s just you, what you love and different cultural items and of course a bit of your money but you don’t need to rob a bank to achieve this look. You can get it on a budget. This style is so cool and so lovely you really don’t want to miss this one out. It’s called Boho-chic for a reason.


  1. Bohemian rugs

I am currently obsessed with Turkish rugs. I love the feel, I love the patterns, I love the prints and I love the vibes they give such warm feels. These rugs will give you that boho-chic look. It’s not boho style if it doesn’t have a cultural/tribal rug so get Turkish/Moroccan rugs, you can actually get two rugs and layer them. Join the Turkish rug obsession boat sooner than later.


  1. Plants

I think I include plants in every post I write. You’re asking why? The question should be why not? They are cool, they are refreshing, they give you a luxe look, they are chic, they are beautiful and they are cheap. So in boho chic style you need to have them in plenty, let green be your new favorite color. Your home will look so good,  buy plants; a lot of them for that matter but if you are not able to take care of them hey artificial plants are your friends. Grab those, place them around your living room, relax and get ready for lots of compliments from your visitors.


  1. Pillows

Okay I know you need a lot of plants, well you need more pillows. Let them come in different shapes, sizes, looks and colors. Mix them up. This is absolutely easy just go crazy on colors, textures, patterns and shapes. Place the pillows on the sofas, have two or three on the floor to give you that bohemian feel.


  1. Artistic wall

More is more in bohemian, the more the better. Walls should be artistic either by having cultural art prints or by having painted walls or by having tribal wallpapers or by having all the above. There are no rules in boho style, there is just you, what you love, different patterns, cultures, textures and interior periods. Splash some colors and some art prints on your walls.

Hugs & Kisses,


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