I have always had a major crush on metallics. I mean, why not? They will transform any room from ordinary to fabulous. You don’t even require a lot of these metallics, a few knick knacks and bam! There goes your chic living room. I am big on gold but copper is slowly creeping in as my favorite.  It’s like a gold and rose gold baby; it’s undeniably a lovely look to have in your home. Let me show you ways you can use copper elements, this eye candy will never disappoint you.


  1. Pendant fixture

One way of letting your copper love prosper is to install a copper fixture. It commands attention because it’s this really shiny metal hanging from your ceiling and gives your room the va va voom look. So next time you are shopping for fixtures, think copper and take copper, you’ll thank me later.


  1. Kitchenware

Have you been wondering how to decorate your shelves? Here is the thing, there’s nothing like a hack shelf decorated with metallics and plants. It oozes glamour so having copper kitchenware displayed in your shelves will surpass your expectations.


  1. Lamp

By now you know I’m crazy about stylish lamps and if you’re new to this blog, welcome to my little world of interior design, I’m Beatrice and I’m crazy about interior design, decor, plants, metallics and fabulousity as a whole. Back to lamps, copper lamps are too lit. They are great; they instantly create a focal point in your living room. Just try copper, you will not be disappointed.


  1. Accessories

Accessories such as vases, sculptures and trays will all do well in copper. Place them on your table or on your credenza or on your console table there are a lot of places you can play with your accessories. Just ensure you place them where all your visitors can drool over them, that’s why they’re eye candies 🙂

Hugs & Kisses,


*photo credit – Pinterest

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