It’s always fun to shop for a sofa until you love about 3 different options and you can only take one home. Been there, I had to mix and match there was no way I was leaving the store without the two types of sofa I liked. I was lucky that the sofa set could be sold separately; I loved the styles in both. One sofa was giving me mid century vibes and another one was giving me contemporary chic vibes so I took them both. Mixing styles is fine; I do it all the time, if I love it then good bye interior rule book and hello Bold Beatrice. I’ll show you my all time favorite sofa styles that I bet you will love so next time you’re shopping for a sofa; you’ll have an idea of what style it is.

  1. Tuxedo

This is a classic bae, alright. The back of the seat and its arms are the same height. It gives you this elegant stylish look. If you’re into formal yet chic then you found yourself a match.

  1. Cabriole

Talk about curves in all the right places, that’s cabriole for you. Oozes elegance with its curvy back, curvy legs and exposed wooden frame work. If you ever want to give your living room classic, antique vibes; cabriole will come through.

  1. Knole sofa/ Knole setee

The knole sofa represents grandeur. It’s almost like a royal sofa. The arms are the same height as the back and the sides are hinged which gives you a traditional classy look. It’s certainly a look to try if you’re big on classics, antique and of course royalty vibes.

  1. Mid Century Modern

Mid Century Style takes it back to the 1900s where elements of organic, naturalism, paired items and minimalism were greatly applied. Mid Century Modern sofas are clean with defined crisp lines, definitely an eye candy. It has a rectangular shape (sometimes rectangular curve-ish) with tufts, and exposed wooden legs.

Hugs & Kisses,


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