We are talking about the bedroom today, specifically our bed; home of very interesting activities. It’s where most of us sleep in, read from, snooze alarms from, cry in, watch movies in and do a whole lot of exercises on. We need to appreciate our bedrooms and even more our beds; they come through in so many ways. With that said, you’ll find that it’s the one room that’s least decorated. There is that space over your bed that can use a little bit of your fabulous personality. Sometimes the simplest things make the biggest difference so let’s see how you can upgrade your bedroom look.


  1. Paint

Possibly the simplest way to give your room the va va voom look. Painting your wall will always change the tone of the room so select a color you like and paint that empty space over your bed. It’s as simple as today you have a plain space, tomorrow you have a fab space. What’s your starter pack? A tin of paint (depending on the size of your room), and a painter, and some money for the painter, that will be all.


  1. Wall art

This will always trickle down to your personality, what kind of wall art person are you? The art prints? Nature art? City art? Painting? Drawing? Framed prints? There are a lot of arts out there so work with what you love. You can have just one wall art or you can create a gallery wall right over your bed. There are no rules, just do you.


  1. Sculptures

Probably one of my favorite ways of decorating, sculptures are really cool. They give you this chic look that I can’t even describe, you need to try it to believe me. Sculptures can be any wall decor that is mounted, you don’t have to neatly arrange them, just randomly mount them and then wait for the magic to happen.


  1. Wallpaper

If you love spicing up your bedroom every once in a while, then wallpapers were made for you. They are lovely and they are also so temporary so if you ever feel that you need a fresh look, all you need to do is remove that wallpaper and replace it. I love how wallpapers change the tone of the room, each one of them gives different vibes. Get temporary solutions, for temporary feels 😉

Hugs & Kisses,


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