pots-plants-cactus-succulent.jpgGlass vases are like a lovely skirt you look at online, you admire it but you don’t get it for one main reason you don’t know what to wear with it. Same thing goes to glass vases, good to look at but a bit of an issue to style them well that dilemma comes to an end today. The glass vase will no longer be plain Penny it will be a centerpiece in your home so let’s get right into it.


  1. Faux pearls/crystals

They’ll give you that elegant, sophisticated look. It’s as easy as getting faux pearls or crystals, placing them in the glass bowl/vase and then giving it the spotlight it deserves. What I mean is don’t place your vases where nobody can see them, they were created for a show so make it worthwhile.


  1. Sand & shells

Being fab includes having a fab home with that being said sand & shells come through. They give you beachy vibes so if you like boho chic style or you want to have that cool feel in your living room sand & shells are your friends. Next time you are enjoying the beach, get some sand and buy some shells and bring the beauties home with you. Place them in your glass vase and let it be. You’ll love it.


  1. Spray paint

I will always say this, spray paint is bae. You can change just about anything dull to looking lovely just by spray painting. If you have two to three glass vases, get some spray paint. I like the glossy effect spray paint for the vases, they look great. You can use the same color for the vases or different colors, it’s your choice one thing I’m sure of is once you start spray painting you never go back.


  1. Stones & plants

This is for you, nature lover. The glass vase looks so good with nature inspired decor, just ensure you get small stones. You can choose to paint the small stones or you have them as raw as they are (just wash them first). Have small plants, faux plants do really well in such vases and voila! Out with plain penny in with va va voom vase.

Hugs & Kisses,


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