I’m crazy about centrepieces, they are what I call show stoppers. Your show stopper is the one thing that brings the va va voom factor.  It’s the one thing that your visitors compliment over and over again.  You can have your show stopper anywhere in your home, today I’ll be taking you through the dining table show stopper. A dining table needs a catch and a centrepiece is a jackpot catch, I hope you’ll grab yourself a show stopper after this post. It’s a need 😉


  1. Flower vase

I am into vases way too much; I am guilty as charged for this. Flower vases are a great centrepiece for your lovely dining table. The flowers you put in the vase determine the mood of the table. The brighter the colors, the brighter the room looks. I highly recommend you use the yellows, the whites and the reds they turn up the place. As for the vase, any color can do especially the neutral colors, just perfect. Embrace your beiges, greys, whites and mauves. Your dining table will look so lit.


  1. Decorative tray

This is where I tell you to bring out all your small collectibles or accesories that you bought but you never used. Maybe the color wasn’t what you saw earlier or it didn’t blend with your living room colors or you wanted to place them on a shelf you were to mount but you never did, it doesn’t matter why it’s fine. Buy a decorative tray, take the accessories out and place them on the tray. Whether it’s a pretty scented candle, or salt shakers or shells just place them on the tray. Fill the tray with different accessories and place the tray at the centre of the table.


  1. Candle holders

There’s nothing as appealing as beauty with function in design. These babies are just that. Candle holders will look great on your table, I know I’ve said that every one of the centrepieces will look great, I know but it’s true you will be blown away. Anyway back to the candle holders, get two to five candle handles depending on the size of your table, get candles and work the magic. Arrange them at the centre of you dining table or horizontally place them on the table (if you have a rectangular shaped table). I love both ways, try either one of them and let me know how it goes. Take pics 🙂


  1. Leaf centrepiece

Call it cheap, chic and stylish. Leaf centrepieces are bae. What do you need to get this beautiful look? Empty wine bottles, mason jars and plants. I love, love, love this look. Just get some plants (real or faux) your choice 🙂 and place the plants in the wine bottles and small plants in the mason jars. I don’t arrange them in any order; I just play with the look until I find what I love most so try it. It’s pretty easy and cheap however if you have real plants then you have to replace them in a couple of days. The discipline is worth it, your table will always be lovely.

Hugs & Kisses,


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