Plants are bae, no doubt about it. They bring this cool, chic vibes in a space. They are what I call game changers in a room. One minute you have your usual room, another minute you have a lovely refreshing space all thanks to some plants. Faux or real the look is amazing, the feel is great and the mood is a mood. If you are big on nature, bring mother-nature home, if you know the plants will die within a week, bring your faux plants on. It’s okay, just bring green home. So plants are one thing, styling them is another thing. Today you get to see how to style your beautiful plants, it’s cheap, it’s chic and it’s cool.


  1. Woven baskets

Woven gives you a warm, cozy look at home. Get your lovely plant in the pot and place the pot in the woven basket. It’s that easy. Just buying the basket for your plants and placing the plants in the basket, you’ll love it!


  1. Painted terracotta pots

Paint is your friend so with that being said you can transform your terracotta pot to a fab pot. Terracotta pots are your plain pots that need just abit of touch up. I love painting white on these pots, they give you a really luxe look. You can go for gold as well, it never disappoints. Just buy any color of spray paint you love and spray your pots. They will no longer be called plain pots they will be called pretty pots.


  1. Elevated planter

Elevated planters are mostly used for outdoor spaces but these big pretty things can also be used for indoor spaces. The good thing is you can customize your elevated planters depending on the space you have. The planters are great for your vast collection of plants. Don’t be afraid to try out plants, be afraid to not to try them out because they are too fab.

Hugs & Kisses,


photo credit – pinterest

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