‘Make it a cool yet fun room’, said the client. This project was a show house of a property development that is for sale. Creating a beautiful space that would speak to the buyers and their children was the goal. Kids bedrooms are meant to be playful and colorful and lovely and fun and fabulous and cool and I could go and on. Point is they are meant to give you the fun vibes every time you walk in there. So before you tell me that bedrooms were are just for comfort think about this, what does my baby like or my babies like? Is it Simba from Lion King, Dora the explorer, Batman, Spider man, Nintendo, cars, nature, the list is long but I’m certain you know what they can’t sleep without watching or singing. Use what they love to inspire the bedroom decor.  Here are 7 things I used for this bedroom.


  1. Paint

First of all, plain walls are a bore in kids’ rooms. Paint is your best friend, literally. It changes the mood, changes the look, and changes feel.  I chose a pastel blue hue. I decided to go with the soft powder blue because it’s a girl and boy’s room. Pastel colors give this warm, clean look to a room.


  1. Wall art

There is something about nature wall art that gives you that refreshing feeling so with cool my first pick was leaves with gold highlights and gold frames. It gives the room this chic, cool look. It also gives the element of balance for a girl’s and a boy’s room.


  1. Curtains

My motto on kids bedrooms go hard or go home. I love playing with curtains. It’s easy to change them up when you want to, that’s my favourite part. You can change your room theme with just a curtain update so once again go hard or go home. I decided to go with playful white curtains with hello boy and girl wording. Love it.


  1. Rug

You don’t want to put a white or a neutral colored rug in a kid’s room. After a day the rug is completely multicolored with all the paint and the crayons and all the drawings your baby decided to try out so to be safe always put an easy to wash color. I love my shades of blue, yellow and orange when it comes to kids rooms. I went with blue to compliment the curtains and the brilliant white beds.


  1. Shelves

You need shelves in your kids room.  Repeat after me, I need shelves in my kids’ rooms. It’s a need, trust me. All the toys, all the crayons, clothes(on the top shelves) need to be on shelves. Sometimes the closet is not enough, actually most times so get some shelves and thank me later. You’ll save yourself from all the stepping of the toys every time.

White duvet

  1. Duvets/Comforters

There is nothing as too much in a kids room. With that out of the way go crazy on colors in the room. I went with a Barbie themed duvet for the girl and white themed duvet for the boy.


  1. Light fixtures

It wouldn’t be complete without a touch of fun on the ceiling. A bee light fixture is what the room needed to complete the look.

With kids room, no rules apply. Just do it

Hugs & Kisses,



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