Wallpaper.jpgYour bedroom or your bed space is one very important space in your home. Let’s just agree that there’s a lot of rest and reading and pleasure and fabulousity in the bedroom. You sleep in that room, you read from that room, you dress from that room and do a whole lot of things from that room, things that refresh you and make you look forward to getting back home. So that same space should reflect your personality and what you love. I love neutrals so when I got a chance to work with a client that feels the same way I went all out with hues of brown and grey.


  1. Bed

Brown being our dominant color, I selected a walnut bed for this bedroom. It’s a queen size bed with two beautiful side cabinets with metallic knobs; absolutely beautiful. Loved the look and as soon as I dressed the bed with grey bedding that was it. Half of my work was done; the bed was giving this luxury hotel vibes.


  1. Bedside cabinets

You can never go wrong with metallic. The walnut bed came with the two lovely bedside cabinets. They have this silver matte metallic knob that also gives a luxe look. Match made in heaven.


  1. Champagne Gold

I love, love, love the curtains. Champagne never disappoints. I wanted a pop of shimmer in this bedroom and a perfect combination of matte walls and glossy curtains brought that out.


  1. Paint

Painting is the simplest way of decorating. I went with brown paint for the accent wall; painting an accent wall updates your room immediately. It highlights the bedroom and gives it a new style. All hail to color brown.


  1. Statement mirror

‘It’s not complete if it doesn’t have a statement accessory.’ said Beatrice. It only takes you and the accessory you like to change a room from plain to lovely. Painting the walls will make a difference, getting an accessory for the wall will make the difference. I was deliberating on working with a mirror or a nature wall art because brown is an earth tone color but I chose to work with a mirror because I wanted a modern look. Best. Decision. Ever. That mirror was made for that bedroom.


  1. Copper

You know I love my copper interiors; a copper light fixture is the perfect finish for a neutral bedroom. It gives the room a chic finish.


Hugs & Kisses,


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