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About a week ago, my friend visited the Coastal region. We had our girly conversation the night before she traveled. You know the usual, don’t forget your sunscreen, I hope that Brazilian wax is fresh, wear your new bikini, make sure you rock your new pair of palazzo pants, eat viazi karai (deep fried potatoes coated with flour), take a lot of pictures, that kind of talk.  It doesn’t matter how frequently you go to the Coast, you hear your friend is going, you’ll want to join them but the reality quickly checks in, you have a job, you have responsibilities, you have a spouse you need to consult with oh yeah reality snaps you back real quick. The Coastal experience is new and refreshing each time you visit, it never gets old. I mean the sun, the boat rides, the coconut and the very best part, the beach, nothing beats these things. It’s no wonder coastal themes are one of my favorites.  Coastal themes are sort of outdoor themes but who says we can’t bring our outdoor decor in our homes? No one! If there is, we shall go ahead and break the rule.