kaboompics_Blue sofa with pillows in a designer living room interior

Have you ever bought something from the store only to get home and realize it doesn’t fit in your home? It can be anything you liked. Don’t worry you are not alone there are many, many people in this pool. What’s crazy is in that moment no one in this world can convince you to leave whatever it is you want in the store. It’s like you are hypnotized for a minute or a good half an hour. You are completely convinced that for instance the wall art you’ve seen belongs to you and you have finally found what you have been missing in your home. So you buy it, knowing that it’s probably a bit over your budget but it’s all going to be worth it or at least that’s what you tell yourself. You get home and the first thing you do is to fit the artwork on the wall. You realize it’s too big for your wall, it can’t fit horizontally, vertically is a whole comedy story.  Here are 5 common decorating mistakes and how to avoid them.Two lessons here; don’t buy things without measuring and assessing your home. Secondly contact me for you interior needs, I will listen to you and design uniquely for you.